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Night of the Wolf

By Alice Borchardt
Book Details
  • Author: Alice Borchardt
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 1999-08-03
The fearsome legions of Julius Caesar have crushed resistance to Roman rule. Watching the tragic aftermath through yellow eyes afire with curiosity and intelligence is Maeniel, a gray wolf - and a shapeshifter unaware of his preternatural duality. But a new Maeniel is about to be born from the ruins. The sight of the beautiful Imona fills Maeniel with unfamiliar feelings and desires, triggering his transformation from wolf to man. In her arms he learns what it means to love. It is a knowledge that will change him forever. When Imona vanishes, Maeniel follows her trail--unaware that he is being pursued by a warrior-woman sworn to kill him. But the hunt upon which the two adversaries embark will lead them farther than they can imagine; to the gates of Rome itself--to the gates of their very souls.

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