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River of Dust

By Alexander Jablokov
Book Details
  • Author: Alexander Jablokov
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 1996-02-01
Bound by devastating loss and a bitter rivalry for their father's love, the sons of Lon Passman now stand at a crossroads in their planet's volatile history. For Hektor, the political way beckons - as it did to his respected father before him - drawing an ambitious young man into the dangerous intrigues of a government desperate and struggling to survive. But Breyten, the elder, longs to follow an even more perilous path - one that leads from the filth and treachery of the gang-ruled corridors to the inhospitable outside...and to a mad zealot's dreams of domination and revolt. For these are times of dire uncertainty in this world of dust - where death waits patiently on the planet's surface and true power lies in symbolic gestures. And now the Martian destiny will ultimately turn on the actions of a tragedy-prone but still potent Martian family and those within its sphere - as events unfold in a stunning piece of historical theater artfully designed to avert a civil war...or ignite one.

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