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A Long Reach (Streeter)

By Michael Stone
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Book Details
  • Author: Michael Stone
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 1997-02-01
  • Edition: 1st
Streeter's back. Yeah, and his name's still just Streeter. Ex-linebacker, ex-bouncer, ex-husband - four times over - with a roving eye that never blinks. Still working out of a renovated church in noir-est Denver, he gets a call from one of his ex-fiancees, Carol, a tough-talking attorney with plenty of intriguing curves. Seems she's on the hit list of a former client whose specialty is killing from a distance and who blames her for his stint in jail. A dead cat, a live tarantula, and a string of bizarre murders are the ex-con's way of telling Carol that he's saving her for last. Against his better judgment, Streeter becomes Carol's chief protector and ends up tangling with a cast of offbeat no-gooders, lowlifes, and dames from the subtle and smoky to the flashy and vicious. Holed up with the ever-sassy and ever-seductive Carol in close quarters, Streeter finds his temperature - and his temper - rising. Confused and running out of time as Carol's name tops the hit list, Streeter discovers that the twists in this case are of a hairpin variety when it turns out that Carol may be playing - and losing - the dirtiest game of all.