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A Programmer's Guide to Java (tm) Certification

By Khalid A. MughalRolf W. Rasmussen
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  • Author: Khalid A. MughalRolf W. Rasmussen
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 1999-08-19
  • Edition: 1
""We have written A Programmer' s Guide to Java Certification to allow the reader to master the Java programming language. Mastering the language should naturally culminate in the practical goal of passing the Sun Certified Programmer for Java' 2 Platform exam. In addition to preparing the reader thoroughly for the exam, this book also provides comprehensive coverage of all the essential Java features and core APIs that every proficient Java programmer should master.""
- The authors
What you will find in this book: - In-depth coverage of all the important topics, in particular, extensive coverage of ALL the objectives defined for the Sun Certified Programmer for Java TM 2 Platform exam (equivalent to Level 1 in the new Certification Initiative for Enterprise Development). - Easy to follow structure with chapters organized according to the exam objectives as laid out by Sun - Summaries which clearly state and differentiate the exam objectives and the supplementary objectives to be covered in each chapter - A list of Sun' s objectives for the Programmer exam, and a guide to taking the exam - Numerous exam-relevant review questions to test understanding of each major topic, with annotated answers - A complete mock exam with NEW questions (not repeats of review questions) - Programming exercises at the end of each chapter, with solutions - Ample code examples to illustrate concepts, which have been compiled and thoroughly tested on multiple platforms - Screen shots which illustrate how the examples would look when run - Numerous illustrations which use the standard diagramatic notation, UML - An introduction tobasic terminology and concepts in object-oriented programming - Advice on how to avoid common pitfalls in mastering the language - Platform independent coverage - platform specific details are provided where relevant

Additional but relevant topics are also covered, such as using threads, building GUI with AWT and Swing components, rendering graphics, implementing applets, handling I/O streams, generating documentation using Javadoc and much more.
The accompanying web site includes a mock exam engine; complete source code for all the examples and solutions for the programming exercises; links to important resources (web browsers, Sun' s JDK, and integrated development environments for Java); updates; and more....
Written for anyone with previous programming experience (although not necessarily in Java), this book' s comprehensive coverage of the basic and the advanced features of the language make it as useful for experienced Java programmers aiming at certification, as for programmers learning Java for the first time.