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A Woman's Place: A Novel

By Barbara Delinsky
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Book Details
  • Author: Barbara Delinsky
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 1997-04-01
  • Edition: 1st
Claire Raphael is a true woman of the nineties. She was the perfect helpmate while her husband, Dennis, built his career and the perfect mother when it came time for their children. She managed all this while transforming a furniture hobby into WickerWise, a thriving business that has grown into a nationally franchised success. Claire has become the primary breadwinner in the family, taking the pressure off Dennis's failing investment company. But Dennis sees things differently. Arriving home one night after a grueling business trip, Claire is served with divorce papers that claim abandonment of Dennis and the children - and he is suing for custody. Her world is shattered. Claire struggles to understand how this could have happened. She had always made her children and husband the priority, devoting more time as a parent than Dennis ever had. Now, with one court document, she has lost custody of her children and is ordered out of her own home until a hearing can be held. Claire hires a tough woman divorce lawyer with an excellent reputation, but even she hints that Dennis has a strong chance of winning. Caught between a vindictive husband and a censorious court, Claire is about to be punished for doing it all and succeeding. She turns to her longtime friend and business partner, Brody Parth. In Brody she finds the understanding and tenderness that are missing from her marriage and the strength she needs to fight for her children and her dignity.