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Animal Emergency #7: Hit-and-Run Retriever

By Emily Costello
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Book Details
  • Author: Emily Costello
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2000-05-31
  • Edition: First Edition
Pets in Peril? It's Stella to the rescue!

On each of the first three days of school, Stella is late because of a wounded or sick animal, and her teacher is not at all pleased. But Stella must find the time to help a wounded turtle, a gravely ill cat, and a golden retriever that's been hit by a truck. What's more, she's beginning to realize that somebody needs to do something about the bend in the road where the dog was injured: It's unsafe for animals, and maybe for people, too. Stella, her friends, and her veterinarian aunt, Anya, save the animals in Gateway, Montana, in one exciting new adventure after another.