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Beluga Whales For Kids (Amazing Animals)

By John RachelDavidson
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  • Author: John RachelDavidson
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Table of Contents Introduction What is a beluga whale? How do beluga whales act? Where did beluga whales come from? The history of beluga whales and humans Beluga whales and conservation Beluga whales and culture Conclusion Author Bio Publisher Introduction The beluga whale, also known as the white whale, is a favorite of many people. It's intelligent and cute, not unlike a larger dolphin. What really draws a lot of people is its pure white color, which is attractive and attention-getting to humans in the same way a black jaguar or a pink slug is. As a sea creature, the beluga whale is an important part of its environment, and has had an impact on humans. Or, more accurately, humans have had an impact on the beluga whale. Much like puffins, the beluga whale helped humans live in areas that are hard to live in. This wasn't done without a cost to the beluga whale, however, as you shall soon see.