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Bobby McFerrin: The Voice


When McFerrin's album, The Voice was released in 1984, it was exceptional for several reasons. The use of computers, synthesizers, and electronics in music was on the rise while McFerrin relied solely on his voice. One of the songs on the album is called "I'm My Own Walkman". He fit in the tradition of bebop vocalists for whom sound dominated lyrics and who imitated the sounds of saxophones and trumpets. But like Al Jarreau, he went beyond them by imitating all the instruments: drums, bass, flute, horns, guitar. He thumped his chest with his hands for percussive effects. He was the first jazz singer to sing while inhaling in addition to exhaling.

  • Record Label: Elektra
  • Year: 1984
  • Genre: Jazz
  • Record Size: 12”
  • Duration: LP
  • Speed: 33 RPM
  • Record Grading: Very Good
  • Sleeve Grading: Very Good