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Bringing God Home : A Traveler's Guide

By Forrest Church
Book Details
  • Author: Forrest Church
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 2002-03-20
  • Edition: First

In times of crisis, we seek the consolation faith alone can provide. As Forrest Church reminds us in Bringing God Home, the Chinese ideogram for the word "crisis" means both "danger" and "opportunity." The danger lies in surrendering to fear, love's true opposite; the opportunity is that crisis can bring us closer to God, and God closer to us.

Using his own spiritual quest as a starting point, Church has written a book that will comfort and inspire readers of all backgrounds and creeds. "Religion," he writes, "sponsors more unholy violence than any other force on earth." But faith-when it leads to humility at the wonder of creation, and helps us see the one Light that shines through many windows-both opens our hearts and bind our wounds.

Drawing insight and courage from poets, philosophers, and prophets from across the ages, and from ordinary people from across the street, Forrest Church challenges us to set out on the journey of our lives, and then guides our steps back home.

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