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By His Light: Character and Values in the Service of God

By Aharon LichtensteinReuven Ziegler
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  • Author: Aharon LichtensteinReuven Ziegler
The committed Jew confronts many weighty questions when plotting a personal course in life: What is Judaism's role in the modern world? How can I best make my own individual contribution? What are my responsibilities to humanity, the Jewish people, the Torah and myself? How should I balance these different demands? How can I infuse my life with spirituality and build a strong relationship with God? In these probing and inspiring discourses, Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein addresses these other questions. Eschewing simplistic black-and-white approaches, he explores the issues with depth and sensitivity. Based firmly on halakhic sources, yet appreciating the best of Western culture, he presents an ideology marked by balance and complexity. While demanding maximal spiritual attainment, Rabbi Lichtenstein champions tolerance of those with different approaches; and while steeped in the eternal values of Jewish tradition, he remains cognizant of the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary era.