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Disorientation and the Weather

By Dorinda Hale
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  • Author: Dorinda Hale
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Finishing Line Press
  • Published: 2018-03-16

Disorientation brought about by new or frustrated love; impending death; or unfamiliar geography, both physical and psychological, engenders lyrical encounters with the self and others. Disorientation and the Weather is all about Relationship with a capital R. In the largest sense, these poems are conversations with the universe held by characters as disparate as an airplane passenger, a lover, a museum guard, a patient, a parent, a traveler, or even a dog. The weather infiltrates and colors their experience: rain on a humid summer night; the play of light and dark across snow in cold winter; a subtropical night on a beach. The poems would like to break your heart by juxtaposing what we know with what we don't know. And we survive, though not unscarred, with sangfroid and wit and the consolation of getting the words right. In what could perhaps be described as a search for the sacred in the secular, the poems ultimately come down on the side of love: how hard it is, how worth it.

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