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Face Down In The Park

By David Adams LeonardRichards
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  • Author: David Adams LeonardRichards
  • Edition: First Edition
Tina was an exception in New York, someone willing to get involved with a stranger. But well-dressed, good-looking Brent Stevens was extraordinary too, and so was his plight: After a blow to the back of the head, he can't recall his attacker. He has no idea what the key in his pocket actually unlocks. And he can't imagine the traps he's about to step into. Now, as his memories come flooding back, Brent searches for the link between him and a mysterious figure living in New York's exclusive Dakota apartments, a female TV interviewer known for getting public figures to tell all on camera, and a glamorous husband and wife who are Hollywood's biggest box-office draws. With Tina at his side, Brent stumbles upon some dangerous secrets and finds the dark and deadly truth that connects them all. Soon Brent and Tina are running for their lives, while discovering their unexpected mutual attraction.