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Falling Bodies

By Andrew Mark
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  • Author: Andrew Mark
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 1999-04-05
"A moving, compelling novel--of love, loss, renewal, and the laws of physics."
Jackson Tate's wife and two children are gone--taken away in the blink of an eye by a brutal car accident.
A professor of physics, Jackson can mathematically prove that the universe is governed by specific laws, can explain why planes fly and how matter interacts. But he can't fathom the consequences of loss, or reaffirm his former belief in the unity of love.
Haunted by memories of happiness, as well as the dread following an act of despair, he heads out for the open road--and finds a woman whose pain is almost as great as his. Now Jackson must discover if she can help him to heal his past, and his heart . . .
"In his eloquent first novel, Andrew Mark offers a lyric and powerful exploration of one man's grief, offset by the transforming power of love. It's a novel that rings true in our hearts, one that begs the question of whether love must be at the cost of memory." --Nicholas Sparks, author of "The Notebook"
"A story that inspires awe as surely as a comet streaking across the sky, Falling Bodies is a tale of human emotion and its sheer instoppable force in our lives." --Richard Paul Evans, author of "The Christmas Box"

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