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Flash Anthology: Cool Effects and Practical ActionScript

By Steve Grosvenor
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Book Details
  • Author: Steve Grosvenor
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • Publisher: SitePoint
  • Published: 2004-07-20
  • Edition: 1

A practical and fun Flash book that shows readers over 60 practical techniques, solutions and cool effects to instantly use on their Website or project. The Flash Anthology makes an excellent task reference or it can be used for inspiration for future projects.

The book tackles the majority of the most common building blocks for real world Flash applications-as one reviewer described "it covers everything that Flash does best". Topics covered include working with external data, debugging, animation, sound and video effects, flash forms and getting indexed by search engines.

All the solutions are based on ActionScript, are completely customizable and come with suggested modifications. Examples are compatible with ActionScript 2 and Flash MX 2004.