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Flip the Switch: Discover the Weight-Loss Solution and the Secret to Getting Started

By Jim Karas
Book Details
  • Author: Jim Karas
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Brand: Harmony
  • Published: 2002-12-24
  • Edition: 1
What's really stopping you from losing weight and having the body you've always wanted?
Is it that you've tried everything but nothing seems to work? Could it be a slow metabolism, or is it your genes? Maybe you love to eat but hate to exercise? Or possibly you lack the time, the energy, even the money?
The answer, according to Jim Karas--the man who has helped countless people lose weight and literally reshape their lives--is that it's none of the above. Nor is it your gender, your age, or any other reason you may be wrestling with! The answer, says Jim, is that you still haven't "flipped the switch"--that is, reached a point where the desire to lose weight finally becomes more important than the desire to overeat and not to exercise. The biggest hurdle you will ever face in losing weight isn't sticking to a diet or going to the gym every day. It's simply this: getting started.
Now the creator of the number one New York Times bestselling book The Business Plan for the Body arms you with the tools that will help you turn your desire for weight loss into reality. Get ready to hack through the nonsense ("Only strenuous aerobics will slim me down") and negative mental graffiti ("I hate my body, I'll never lose weight") that are stopping you from achieving your goals, because Flip the Switch contains a blueprint for conquering all the obstacles to achieve permanent weight loss.
Jim blasts through the excuses, helping you to confront, understand, and ultimately vanquish these issues through a series of revealing self-tests. To help you flip the switch, he offers detailed eating guidelines, including a seven-day jump-start diet plan with menus and shopping lists, and threesimple illustrated exercise routines to choose from. Jim's eating and exercise recommendations are realistic and satisfying, especially when you begin to see the results! And his invaluable advice is sound, inspiring, and from the heart--he's been there and he knows what you're up against.
If you haven't flipped the switch, then you haven't taken the most essential step toward weight loss. Let Jim Karas's Flip the Switch show you how to change your life--today.

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