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Focus on Them: Become the Manager Your People Need You to Be

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  • Publisher: Association for Talent Development
  • Edition: 1
Perfect the Skills to Excel as a Manager An engagement crisis, a management skill shortage, a retention problem--call it what you will, today's research and workplace insights emphasize that many employees leave managers. . . not companies. Good managers know they need to deliver results to be successful. But great ones? They understand the essence of managing encompasses something more: making connections, embodying the right skills, and developing their direct reports. They also realize managing well takes practice. With Focus on Them, you'll get the tools and know-how to excel as a manager. Edited by the Association for Talent Development's own management authority Ryan Changcoco, research expert Megan Cole, and content developer Jack Harlow, this book explores ATD's new management framework--the ACCEL model. Each chapter, written by a leader in management and talent development, focuses on one of the five skills all managers need: - Accountability (Timothy Ito) - Communication (Ken O'Quinn) - Collaboration (Winsor Jenkins) - Engagement (Hunter Haines) - Listening and assessing (Michele Nevarez) By investing in your own development--boosting your ACCEL skills--you signal to your employees that you're serious about their development and learning, too. Becoming a manager isn't climbing a mountain. By focusing on the basics, you can transform from a results-oriented manager to the super people manager your employees need.