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Foreign Body: A Tory Bauer Mystery

By Kathleen Taylor
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Book Details
  • Author: Kathleen Taylor
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2001-07-01
  • Edition: 1st

Ample-bodied, salty-tongued waitress Tory Bauer is no longer taking orders from anyone -- now that she has become co-owner of the only café in tiny Delphi, South Dakota. And since corpses on the premises are bad for business, Tory is understandably peeved when a young Swedish member of a traveling international choral group keels over in one of the booths, leaving a suicide note behind claiming a sexual predator, the Reverend Clay Deibert, drove her to it. Now Tory knows Clay is the straightest of straight arrows -- he's also Tory's cousin by marriage -- and she suspects slutty Meg, the only Canadian in the chorus, is responsible for this mess in some way or another. But when a dead body winds up stuffed into Clay's closet, Tory realizes that clearing the reverend might be tougher than finding a sarong in Saskatchewan. Like the Mounties, however, Tory's determined to get her man (or woman) -- unless the murdering he (or she) gets Tory first.