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Full-Court Press: Season Life Winning Basketball Team Women Who Made it Happen

By Lauren Kessler
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  • Author: Lauren Kessler
The first look inside a women's college basketball team that captures the passion of the game and the power of sports in the lives of young womenJudy Runge, a young and ambitious basketball coach, arrived at the University of Oregon in 1993 and discovered a team -- the Oregon Ducks -- demoralized by its worst season in almost two decades and ignored and underfunded in a male-dominated athletic department.Fighting a legal battle with the administration for equal funding and support, Runge taught the players the importance of self-esteem and commitment, instilling in them a thirst for winning. In the course of a year, she changed university policy, raised the team's motivation and morale, and exceeded all expectations but her own by leading the Ducks to a victorious season.Full Court Press is a poignant, entertaining, exuberant look at a sport that is capturing the American imagination and a moving profile of women who have learned to shatter barriers and win against the odds.
-- Praise from Barbara Ehrenreich, Mary Pipher, Donna Lopiano, and excellent media reviews.
-- The popularity of women's basketball has exploded, especially after the American women's Gold sweep at the 1996 Olympics.
-- Publishing coincides with the WNBA championships.