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Girls' Poker Night: A Novel of High Stakes

By Jill A. Davis
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  • Author: Jill A. Davis
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2003-02-11
  • Edition: Reprint
1. The first line of the book is 'Happy endings aren't for cowards.' What does this mean to Ruby? How does it relate to the other characters in the book? 2. Ruby's father's name is Adam (p. 55) what is the significance of the 'first man' in Ruby's life? How does this relationship influence future relationships? 3. Does the way in which Ruby's relationship with Dr. Steve is cut short reinforce her relationship with her father? 4. Ruby's friends are very much an extended family. Like families, they share similarities. Besides a love of poker, and gossip, what traits do they share? (explore humor here, or fear of commitment, a sense of being 'stuck') 5. Why did the author choose to have John, Ruby's brother, be ten years older than Ruby? What might the author have been trying to accomplish? How does this relate to the loss of Ruby's father? 6. What reasons might Ruby have had for becoming a writer? The letters she received from Michael, the columns she writes ... how do these reinforce the themes of loss and searching? 7. What role does therapy play in Ruby's life? What role does writing play? Are there similarities between the two? 8. Toward the end of the book, Ruby witnesses a woman's death, and then writes her obituary. This is an important moment for Ruby. Why? 9. When Ruby visits Psychic Randy, and recalls that she did not attend her father's funeral -- why would the author choose to have this revealed in the midst of the psyhic instead of the therapist? 10. Much like Dorothy in 'The Wizard of Oz' Ruby realizes the 'answers' are within, instead of being in the external world. Is this a relief? 11. Like Ruby, the Cadaver is a flawed character. Unlike Ruby, her name is never revealed. Why might the author choose not to reveal the

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