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Golden Trillium (World of the Three Moons, Bk. 3)

Golden Trillium (World of the Three Moons, Bk. 3)

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  • Author: Andre Norton
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 1993-07-01
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The story of the three sister princesses of Ruwenda began in Black Trillium, an epic of magic, mystery, and love created by three of fantasy's finest talents - Andre Norton, Julian May, and Marion Zimmer Bradley. The saga continued in Blood Trillum, and now award-winning and bestselling author Andre Norton picks up the tale as Princess Kadiya, the headstrong Seeker-Warrior, encounters a timeless evil of loathsome power that threatens the realm of Ruwenda.
The sisters Haramis, Anigel and Kadiya have defeated the evil sorcerer Orogastus, united the kingdoms of Ruwenda and Labornok, and restored a precarious balance to the sundered world. With her mystical three-eyed sword, Kadiya now journeys into the choked swamps of Ruwenda, there to seek her destiny among the Oddling swamp-dwellers whose army she had once led.
Kadiya ventures to the lost city of the Vanished Ones only to discover a strange race living deep inside its forbidden walls - tiny, intelligent creatures known as Hassitti, waiting patiently but fruitlessly for the Vanished Ones' return. The Hassitti are able to "catch dreams" of distant events and places, and now their visions are bringing vivid, troubled warnings of an unknown danger issuing from the mountains to the west.
The apprehensions are soon confirmed by a mysterious plague that is spreading from the western mountains, a deadly foulness that kills everything in its wake. The carrier of evil disease now approaches the domain of the Skritek, dreadful saurian monsters that feed on living flesh, enemies of Oddlings and humans alike, creatures of implacable hatred.
Kadiya, with only three Oddlings to accompany her, quests into the Thorny Hell, the Skritek's ichorous realm, to confront the source of the plague and find a means to defeat it. There they find a portal leading to a universe of awesome darkness - a foul entranceway that threatens the very existence of the World of the Three Moons.
Golden Trillum is the tumultuous saga of a desperate battle against dark forces, a tale of courage in the face of overwhelming odds, and the story of a love destined to overcome the eternal barriers of time and space.

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