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Grow Your Church from the Outside In: Understanding the Unchurched and How to Reach Them

By George Barna
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Book Details
  • Author: George Barna
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2002-10-02
  • Edition: Rev
According to the author, America has more unchurched people than the entire populations of all but 11 of the world's 194 nations! Based on research among several thousand unchurched people, the book discusses their values, attitudes, beliefs, religious practices, demographics, life goals, and spiritual expectations. Using additional research conducted among churches that have had great success in attracting and retaining unchurched people, the author also outlines perspectives and effective strategies for churches that wish to reach those who avoid churches. Understanding what makes the unchurched tick will give you a better chance of relating to them in meaningful ways.