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Helping Your Depressed Teenager: A Guide for Parents and Caregivers

By Sarah S. Gerald D.Montgomery
Book Details
  • Author: Sarah S. Gerald D.Montgomery
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Published: 1994-11-04
  • Edition: 1
"The authors have produced a very readable, extremely well informedand comprehensive book that will add greatly to the knowledge baseof interested parents. This book is strongly recommended."--Stewart Gable, MD Chairman, Department of Psychiatry TheChildren's Hospital, Denver, Colorado You supported and encouragedthem as they grew from toddlers to teens. Now you are confrontedwith one of the toughest challenges you and they will ever face .teenage depression. Adolescence is a period of peaks and valleys.Most teens negotiate these years with relative ease; yet for somethese times are treacherous with countless pitfalls. Whendepression ensues, it can interfere with much of your child'spotential. Clinical depression is now epidemic among Americanteens, and teen suicide can be a deadly consequence. Helping YourDepressed Teenager is a practical guide offering family solutionsto a family problem. This book will sensitize you to the hiddenstruggles of adolescents and assist you in understanding theirmultifaceted problems. The authors are experts in this field andhave helped countless youngsters confront and overcome theirdepressed mood. In a highly readable and gentle manner, they helpyou see behind the "masks" of troubled teens who attempt to hidetheir true feelings. They help you distinguish the subtle andsometimes not so subtle signs that something is seriously wrong.And they help you provide the loving support and assistanceteenagers need to make it through this difficult life passage. Someof the useful information provided:
* What families can do to prevent teen depression
* How to tell the difference between moodiness and depression
* How to read the warning signs of a troubled teenager
* How to know when professional help is needed and where to findit
* How to choose the right treatment options for your teen

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