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High Performance Oracle8 SQL Programming and Tuning

By Pete Cassidy
Book Details
  • Author: Pete Cassidy
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 1998-03-01
"High Performance Oracle8 SQL Programming and Tuning" contains everything an Oracle professional needs to know about writing the most efficient SQL statements possible. Unlike other books on Oracle8, this book emphasizes tuning the actual SQL statement, not the Oracle8 database. "High Performance Oracle8 SQL Programming and Tuning" contains complete coverage of Oracle8, Explain Plan, and SQL Trace/TKPROF. In addition, readers will become experts at tuning SQL statements by trying and studying hundreds of effective (as well as poorly written) queries.Demonstrates the timings on a one million row table when using different SQL methods on the same query.Explains how to analyze indexes and tables, and to create histograms.Shows the reader how to rewrite queries to produce dramatic performance gains.Covers Btree indexes, clusters, hash index clusters, and bitmap indexes along with numerous examples and optimization options.Most SQL statements so that the reader can use them on their own projectsExamples of the tuning techniques used in the bookPATROL SQL-ExplorerPATROL PathfinderPATROL DB-Voyager

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