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How to Cut a Cake: And Other Mathematical Conundrums

By Ian Stewart
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Book Details
  • Author: Ian Stewart
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press
  • Published: 2006-12-11
  • Edition: Illustrated
Welcome back to Ian Stewart's magical world of mathematics! Here are twenty more curious puzzles and fantastical mathematical stories from one of the world's most popular and accessible writers on mathematics. This is a strange world of never-ending chess games, empires on the moon, furious fireflies, and, of course, disputes over how best to cut a cake. Each chapter--with titles such as, "How to Play Poker By Post" and "Repealing the Law of Averages"--presents a fascinating mathematical puzzle that is challenging, fun, and introduces the reader to a significant mathematical problem in an engaging and witty way. Illustrated with clever and quirky cartoons, each tale will delight those who love puzzles and mathematical conundrums.