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How We Choose to Be Happy: The 9 Choices of Extremely Happy People--Their Secrets, Their Stories

By Rick Foster
Book Details
  • Author: Rick Foster
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2000-02-01
  • Edition: 0
Who among us is truly happy? And more importantly -- how did they get that way?

What are the secrets of happiness? Which traits or habits do happy people share? This book, combining personal narratives with scientific research, reveals the nine choices that truly happy people make -- and explains how such joy-producing principles as intention, accountability, appreciation and truthfulness can be applied in our daily lives to help us join their ranks.

Readers will meet happy people of various ages, backgrounds, and walks of life -- from a corporate manager balancing career and family to a Holocaust survivor to a cafeteria worker struggling to make ends meet -- and, using the self-assessment tools and practical suggestions in this book, will discover new ways to find genuine happiness for themselves.