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I'm 3!

By Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz
Book Details
  • Author: Babs Bell Hajdusiewicz
  • Binding: Board book
  • Published: 2014-01-01
Part of the Babsy B Board Book Series, I'm 3! is designed to suit the interests and cognitive development of children ages 3+ (Toddler 3s). Birthdays are special. This book celebrates the importance of growing bigger and older on the occasion of a child's third birthday, along with what it means to be "one more." I'm 3! provides meaningful context for both 2s and 3s as they eagerly anticipate the fun and adventure in being the birthday honoree. The book also presents concrete examples that illustrate the number 3. Readers may point out the numbers 1, 2, and 3, all shown in varying colors, sizes, and fonts. In numerous ways, I'm 3! invites the reader to notice and talk about a birthday child's uniqueness. The story frequently taps into a Toddler 3's developing sense of self: The character views and talks about three self-images in a special store mirror and then again views a self-image at home while brushing teeth. In I'm 3!, the reader gets to share the character's joy in donning a party hat adorned with the number 3; comparing the numbers 1, 2, and 3 with alphabet blocks A, B, and C; going up and down stairs while counting three steps during a shopping trip; and counting three candles on a birthday cake. Whether read aloud or sung to an original tune, I'm 3! invites children to view and to practice ways to hold fingers to show 3, and I'm 3! recognizes and celebrates the feeling of pride as a Toddler 3 announces: "I used to be 2, but now I'm 3!"The Babsy B Board Book Series includes eight books, two titles for each age category. Each book has its own catchy tune along with suggested additional book-related, engaging activities--all designed to appeal to the particular developmental milestones of children ages 0-3+. Other books in the Babsy B Board Book Series include: SO BIG!; Where Is Monkey?; I Can! Can You?; Who Chews?; VROOM! Honk-a! BOOM!; Whose Shoes?; and Giddy-up! Let's Go!

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