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Ice Island: The Expedition to Antarctica's Largest Iceberg

By Greg Stone
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  • Author: Greg Stone
When the world's largest iceberg calved off Antarctica in early 2000, marine biologist Greg S. Stone and photographer Wes Skiles saw it as an invitation. Assembling a team of scientists, explorers, sailors and a helicopter pilot, they set off on the intrepid little Braveheart for the Southern Ocean to find and study this anomaly. Through amazing photographs, this book takes readers on their journey to make contact with this huge piece of ice. With numb limbs and chilled bones, the team goes where no one has gone before, diving deep under the ice, to discover what giant melting icebergs mean in the context of twenty-first century global warming. Part adventure story, part scientific quest, Ice Island takes you to one of the most alien places on earth, one that is as breathtakingly beautiful as it is treacherous. Book jacket.

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