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Iep: A Collaboration Process

By Evie K. Gleckel
Book Details
  • Author: Evie K. Gleckel
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2007-10-29

This new book captures the authors' shared visions about the special education process, one that incorporates the spirit and requirements of the Individual with Disabilities Education Act and its reauthorizations. It gives the complex demands of the legislation form, function, and meaning so teams move through the special education process cooperatively, understanding what they are doing and why. The book is organized according to the stages of the RSVP Model to provide a systematic and comprehensive approach to implementing special education legislation meaningfully.


  • Think Abouts at the beginning of the chapter--serve as advanced organizers that preview the content covered and highlight key points.
  • Figures to illustrate concepts presented.
  • Toolboxes to prompt thinking and practice--through guideline questions, checklists, and examples of assessment and instructional approaches.
  • Case Studies .
  • Chapter Review: Focus and Decisions --recap the stage presented in the chapter, highlighting key questions and decision points.
  • Apply and Learn --pose reflective questions at the end of the chapter to develop competence and thinking of presented concepts related to the stage.