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In My Brother's Image

By Eugene L. Pogany
Book Details
  • Author: Eugene L. Pogany
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 2000-10-02
"In My Brother's Image" is the story of identical twin brothers born into an Hungarian Jewish family which converted to Christianity. The boys were raised as devout Catholics until dramatically different experiences during World War II created a chasm between them. One brother, the author's father, was persecuted as a Jew and interned in Bergen. Belsen. Later he renounced Christianity for its failure during the Holocaust and returned to the religion of his birth. The other brother, the author's uncle, became a Catholic priest and found shelter during the war in an Italian monastic community, protected by Padre Pio, a saintly miracle worker. He later grieved what he considered his brother's betrayal of their family's adopted religious faith. The twins' mother died at Auschwitz, holding a crucifix to her breast as she walked into the gas chamber.

"In My Brother's Image" is a personal account of how the historical rupture between Jews and Christians tore asunder the living fabric one family, altering their lives forever, while also providing a lens though which to explore the causes and manifestations of the chasm that has existed historically between Christians and Jews.