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Inside Microsoft Windows CE (Microsoft Programming Series)

By John Murray
Book Details
  • Author: John Murray
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Brand: Microsoft Press
  • Published: 1998-10-02
In "Inside Microsoft Windows CE", author John Murray provides a clear exposition of the Windows CE modular architecture and fascinating insights into the design choices that the operating systems developers made. The book explains the tremendous opportunities available to OEMs and software developers as new consumer electronics platforms for Windows CE move to market. The original Handheld PC platform has been joined by the Palm PC and Auto PC platforms, and on the horizon are Web TVs, Web phones, and DVD and multimedia devices.

"Inside Microsoft Windows CE" offers conceptual frameworks that help developers understand their design options and efficiently optimize memory. New support for COM and ActiveX is fueling development of Microsoft and third-party software components. With these design innovations, it is possible to conceive hardware running Windows CE that is dedicated and optimized to run any current and future Microsoft software.

"Inside Microsoft Windows CE" concludes with a series of real-world case studies of new platforms based on Windows CE to demonstrate its wide-ranging flexibility. This will be a vital and popular book for developers working with Windows CE.