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Inventing Elliot

By Graham Gardner
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Book Details
  • Author: Graham Gardner
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Published: 2004-03-30
  • Edition: First Edition (2nd prntg)
When Elliot Sutton arrives at Holminster High, he is determined not to stand out. He simply canÂ't let himself become a target like he was at his last school. HeÂ's going to invent a whole new Elliot. The new Elliot is tough, impenetrable. The new Elliot shows no fear.

Enter the Guardians, a group of upperclassmen who secretly rule over Holminster with a quiet and anonymous terror. Obsessed with George OrwellÂ's book 1984, they desire power for the sake of power. And strangely enough, they also want Elliot. Not to terrorize . . . but to become one of them.

Gripping in its psychological understanding, this unflinching novel takes you deep into the mind of a boy who is coming to understand the nature of absolute power and its inevitable casualties, and also finding a bit of his own strength along the way.