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Keeping School: Letters to Families from Principals of Two Small Schools

By Nancy Faust Theodore R.Sizer
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Book Details
  • Author: Nancy Faust Theodore R.Sizer
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Beacon Press
  • Published: 2005-08-15
Education reformers Deborah Meier, Nancy Faust Sizer, and Theodore R. Sizer have published books that have literally helped shape a movement centered on small schools, community, and alternative visions of teaching and learning.

But as school principals, all three have also done another kind of writing, as well: short weekly essays in their schools’ newsletters to families. Sharp and accessible but intellectually ambitious, these little essays talk about everything from homework to discipline, from academic expectations to reading for pleasure.

Reflecting decades of practical wisdom, this collection of the best of their letters is an essential companion to books like Ted Sizer’s Horace’s Compromise, Ted and Nancy Sizer’s The Students Are Watching, and Deborah Meier’s The Power of Their Ideas.