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Learning & Memory: The Brain in Action

By Marilee Sprenger
Book Details
  • Author: Marilee Sprenger
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Association for Supervision & Curriculum Deve
  • Published: 1999-09-01
  • Edition: First Printing
Based on the assumption that the more teachers know about brain science, the better prepared they will be to make instructional decisions, this book presents information on current research regarding learning and memory, and applies the research to situations that educators face daily. Chapter 1 examines the structure of the brain and its development, relates Piaget's theory of cognitive development with stages of myelin release and brain growth, and discusses the role of experience in brain growth. Chapter 2 focuses on brain chemicals, providing information about the formation and action of neurotransmitters, types of neurotransmitters, their relation to behavior, and how to develop classroom environments that positively affect brain chemistry. Chapter 3 discusses the anatomy of the brain, including fetal development and the triune brain model, and describes how information is processed by the brain. Chapter 4 examines memory and storage systems, including short-term and working memory, long-term memory, semantic and episodic memory, procedural and automatic memory, and emotional memory. Chapter 5 presents information on memory retrieval, memories failures, and the influence of memory on everyday decisions. Chapter 6 examines how to enhance semantic memory through instructional strategies such as graphic organizers and summarizing. Chapter 7 suggests ways to enhance episodic, procedural, automatic, and emotional memory. Chapter 8 suggests ways to assess student progress that mirror the instructional strategies used. Chapter 9 presents answers to frequently asked questions about brain development and education. The book concludes with a glossary of terms. Contains 64 references. (KB)

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