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Like Trees Walking: In the Second Half of Life

By Jane Sigloh
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Book Details
  • Author: Jane Sigloh
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Cowley Publications
  • Published: 2007-05-25
Many of us are fast approaching the golden years of retirement, wondering with fear-and hope-what the future holds for us. And you won't find a better companion for the journey of aging than Jane Sigloh. She's witty, perceptive, and wise. A retired Episcopal priest, she is possessed of both reverent awe and irreverent honesty about the facts and fantasies of growing old. A voracious reader all her life, she interweaves the insights of Scripture, poetry, fiction, and philosophy into her memories and reflections on the challenges and opportunities that maturity bring. The result is like an ongoing conversation with an old friend. Dip into any of these essays and find a refreshing perspective, a humorous anecdote, or an intimate confession that will ring true to your own experience.