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Little Data Book 2003 (Little Data Book) (Paperback) (World Development Indicators)

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  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2003-07-31
  • Edition: Revised
Now in its 5th edition, 'The Little Data Book', a pocket-sized ready reference, contains key development data for 208 countries. 'The Little Data Book 2003' provides profiles of each country with 54 development indicators, including: Population and population growth GNI, GDP growth, Exports and Imports, and Gross Capital Formation Deforestation, Water Use, Energy Use and Electricity Use per Capita Life Expectancy, Fertility Rate, Child Malnutrition, Prevalence of HIV, Girls in Primary School Paved Roads, Aircraft Departures, Personal Computers High-technology exports, Foreign Direct Investment, Present Value of Debt, and Aid per Capita. Drawing on data from the 'World Development Indicators 2003', 'The Little Data Book 2003' provides a quick reference to the latest available data for World Bank member countries as well as other economies with populations of over 30,000. Separate tables summarize data for the World, by Region (East Asia and Pacific, Middle East and Africa, etc.), and Income Group. A helpful Glossary of Terms defines each indicator. Please note that data is shown for three years: an earlier benchmark year (1990) and the two latest years available (2000 and 2001). .