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Lyme Disease Supercharge: The Revolutionary Approach to Getting Better When All Else Fails

By Bryan Rosner
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Book Details
  • Author: Bryan Rosner
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Biomed Publishing Group
  • Published: 2019-03-02
Bryan Rosner believes that this is his most important Lyme disease book yet. Mold is old news in the Lyme disease community. Lyme doctors have known about the importance of mold for years, and have addressed it adequately with their patients. Or, at least, that is the conclusion that most patients and physicians currently believe. But what if there is more to the equation? A little-known secret that changes everything - especially for the sickest of patients?Decades ago, Erik Johnson, a patient-prototype for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), made an earth-shattering discovery through his own, private, meticulous scientific experiments and careful observations. His revolutionary new information propelled him from being bedridden to hiking Mt. Whitney in just six months. He continues to hike Mt. Whitney every year, as a testament to his recovery. He thought everyone would want to hear about his success. But researchers underestimated his findings and the medical community missed all of the clues. Patients, however, are much more motivated to find the truth, at all costs. And today, decades later, thousands of people are using Erik's approach, as part of a grass-roots movement, to recover from a wide array of debilitating diseases, when all else has failed. This book is about supercharging recovery from Lyme disease using this little-known, yet profound, healing strategy.