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Making Faces

By Kevyn Aucoin
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Book Details
  • Author: Kevyn Aucoin
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Little Brown & Co
  • Published: 1997-10-01
  • Edition: 1st
For more than a decade Kevyn Aucoin has been the makeup artist of choice for fashion and entertainment royalty. From Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, and Naomi Campbell to Julia Roberts, Demi Moore, and Oprah Winfrey, everyone wants her face done by Kevyn. The reason is simple -- he's the best.Two years ago, Kevyn created The Art of Makeup, a $60 coffee table book that featured same of the spectacular celebrity faces he'd created. His new book has all the glamour of that first book -- but it's also packed with practical makeup instructions that women everywhere can use. And best of all, it's priced so that everyone can afford it.Kevyn believes that makeup gives people the power to transform themselves, try out new personas -- and have fun. His new book starts with unbeatable tips on basics. But the rest of the book shows people how to use these basics in all kinds of interesting and unconventional ways, including step-by-step recipes for dozens of different looks. The book features instructional watercolor sketches, a gallery of noncelebrity faces, and, of course, fabulous images of more than a score of stars and supermodels -- among them Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, Tina Turner, Demi Moore, Naomi Campbell, Cher, Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss, Winona Ryder, Isabella Rossellini, Janet Jackson, and Nicole Kidman, as you've never seen them before.For any woman who wants to look her best -- and have some fun -- Kevin Aucoin's Making Faces is the book of the year