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Mauro Seed Company - Carrot Seed Pack


Feeding the hungry.

Mauro set out to feed the hungry and learned about the unique potential of seed. Seed can feed the most people at the furthest distance at the lowest cost – year after year.  So they built a seed company with giving built into the business model to scale their efforts.  That’s why for every pack of fine non-GMO seeds they sell, they donate one to someone in need. Grow one, Give one. Their seeds have produced millions of pounds of food for needy families and communities here and around the world. 

Tendersweet Carrots have been a garden favorite for almost 100 years. Tendersweet grow 7-8” bright orange roots, is nearly coreless and is one of the sweetest carrots on the market. Each pack of carrot seeds pack has about 750 carrot seeds.