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May It Please the Court: The Most Significant Oral Arguments Made Before the Supreme Court Since 1955

By Peter H. Irons
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Book Details
  • Author: Peter H. Irons
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: The New Press
  • Published: 1994-09-01
  • Edition: First Paperback Edition
This unique insider's look at the Supreme Court in session includes transcripts of actual landmark cases, including Miranda v. Arizona (the right to remain silent), Roe v. Wade (abortion rights), Bowers v. Hardwick (gay rights), Regents v. Bakke (reverse discrimination), Loving v. Virginia (interracial marriage), United States v. Richard Nixon (Watergate), and many others. Previously only available through a visit to the National Archive in Washington, these transcripts bring pivotal moments in American legal history to life.