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My Sweet Untraceable You

By Sandra Scoppettone
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  • Author: Sandra Scoppettone
  • Edition: Reprint
America's favorite lesbian detective returns - and uses her New York City savvy to crack an old small-town murder mystery that's still affecting lives thirty years later. Hip, computer literate, and chocoholic, Lauren Laurano breaks the P.I. stereotype. And her new case breaks records for perplexity. Boston Blackie hires Lauren to find out what really happened to his mother, who reportedly died almost forty years before. What appears to be simply a case of a hurt inner child and a cold trail turns into a complex exploration of the dark secrets that haunt families and small towns. Was Boston Blackie's mother murdered, as he believes? Or was the obituary describing her death in a car accident accurate? Or did she, as others claim, run off to Hollywood? After unearthing puzzles of identity and paternity, Lauren is left with an increasing number of questions but few answers. Pursuing a series of murky clues, she divides her time between upstate New York, where the missing woman's family and friends run her in circles, and the home she shares with her lover, Kip, in Greenwich Village, where a crew is intrusively filming a movie based on her adventures. Lauren knows she's getting close to the truth when the danger - and a new string of murders - hit her turf and threaten her life. The upshot is pulse-quickening excitement as Lauren's neighborhood know-how and resources kick into action. A murder mystery that delightfully spoofs a genre, My Sweet Untraceable You has the sense of humor and heart that Sandra Scoppettone's readers have come to love.