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No Small Plans: Graphic Novel

By Gabrielle Lyon
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Book Details
  • Author: Gabrielle Lyon
  • Binding: Perfect Paperback
  • Published: 2017-01-01
"No Small Plans is organized into three chapters. Each chapter concludes with a map showing where the action takes place. In between each chapter is an "interlude" that brings Daniel Burnham-and the art and science of urban planning-to life. Chapter 1 : The Past In 1928 Chicago, at the height of the construction boom following the 1909 Plan of Chicago, Reggie, Elisa and Bernard defy social codes to spend an afternoon together adventuring around downtown. They run headlong into the contradictions of racial and class discrimination in public space and must decide to stand and fight, or protest another day, another way. Chapter 2 : The Present In 2017, Jesse, David and Cristina realize their classroom discussions about zoning, fair housing, gentrification and displacement are real, urgent issues when they discover their friend Natalie is being evicted from her home. As they work to support Natalie, they learn about Chicago's history of development and organized resistance and start to understand that making change takes a community. Chapter 3 : The Future In the year 2211, Chicago is geographically segregated and virtual reality is the primary bridge for staying connected across neighborhoods. As teens, Octavius, Tsang, Codex, Gabriela and Rafael are assigned to the City Planning Council for their Year of Civic Service. They struggle to come together to make decisions that will affect a neighborhood none of them live in."--Site web de l'éditeur.