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Point, Click & Wow! (With CD-ROM)

By Jennifer ClaudyneRotondo
Book Details
  • Author: Jennifer ClaudyneRotondo
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 2002-01-15
  • Edition: 2nd
Create powerful presentations that WOW your audience!

A brilliant laptop presentation is more than just dazzling slides. If you want your laptop computer presentations to have the WOW factor, simply follow the suggestions and use the ideas outlined in the thoroughly revised and updated second edition of Point, Click, and Wow! This hands-on guide shows you how to create memorable presentations that will get your message across with style. Unlike others books on the topic, this practical guide teaches you how to really sell your knowledge, product, or service in a customer-focused, one-to-one marketing manner. Authors Claudyne Wilder and Jennifer Rotondo offer the guidance you need to look, act, and sound like a pro. Throughout the book the authors explain how to create persuasive visuals, use technology effectively, and sell your idea or product to an audience. This revised edition also includes a CD-ROM that will give you the tools you need to customize your slides.