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Practical Action Research for Change

By Richard A. Schmuck
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  • Author: Richard A. Schmuck
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 1998-05-11
  • Edition: 1
Reflection is the act of thinking about one's own behaviors in the past, present, or future. Though many associate "reflection" with "silence," some social psychologists refer to the importance of reflection as a kind of "solitary dialogue." Educators who do not think about the future cannot contemplate the results of their actions. Educators who do not think about the past cannot prepare themselves for change. Educators who do not think about the present cannot understand what to do next. Without solitary dialogue, educators do not know what they truly value. Reflective practice and action research can work together to serve as a source for developing professionalism, team problem solving skills, and democratic relationships in the school community. This hands-on book lays the groundwork for developing and initiating such reflective practices and action research in the classroom. With this book, teachers and administrators find an invaluable source of practical ideas as they engage in the professional inquiry of reflective practice. By providing various scenarios, this key resource introduces educators to the importance of action research, the fundamentals of how it works, and how it can positively affect classroom and school environments. . Educators, curriculum specialists, school counselors, psychologists, administrators, parents, and students. A Skylight Professional Book.