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Privileged Information

By Terry Lewis
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  • Author: Terry Lewis
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Publisher: Pineapple Press
  • Published: 2003-09-01
  • Edition: 1

Terry Lewis's second courtroom novel features Ted's partner, Paul Morganstein. While defending his late brother's best friend on a murder charge, Paul obtains privileged information (which he is ethically bound not to disclose) leading him to conclude that his client committed another murder thirty years ago. The victim? Paul's brother. Paul takes on the biggest company with the deepest pockets in the Panhandle, defending a client who, incredibly, seems less concerned than his attorney that he's facing murder one. The deeper Paul digs, the more likely it seems his client not only killed the vice president of Pinnacle Paper Company but knows a lot more than he'll say about the death of Paul's brother, David. Investigation into the Pinnacle case is turning up new evidence that reveals more about David's life--and death--than Paul can deny. Does Paul honor the sacred oath of confidentiality and allow his brother's murderer to go free, or does he breach that duty in the interest of a higher morality, a greater justice? Moreover, will his client decide that there is really only one way to be sure that Paul doesn't disclose this "privileged information"?

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