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Rick Steves' Snapshot Scotland

By Rick Steves
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Book Details
  • Author: Rick Steves
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Brand: Avalon Travel Publishing
  • Published: 2010-01-05
LEVEL 5 – READING FLUENTLY (yellow) Extent: 48pp, words per page: up to 100 with captions extra At this level there will be a more sophisticated range of sentences, vocabulary and language features. Includes glossary and index.

Nothing grips the imagination like speed, and this book is packed with the fastest animals, men, and machines on the planet. It starts with the early days in man’s quest for speedy travel, and then looks at “the fastest” in many different kinds of areas, from animals, to cars, trains, sports, bikes, and even the fastest brains and fingers. (Did you know the record for the fastest solution to a Rubik’s Cube was 5.66 seconds?) Along the way, newly emergent readers will absorb many amazing facts from multiple levels of text, and a deep glossary and index helps them grow their research skills. One of the speediest things about this entertaining title will be how fast kids will finish the book!