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Scholastic Dictionary Of Idioms

By Marvin Terban
Book Details
  • Author: Marvin Terban
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Published: 1998-02-01
  • Edition: Reprint
Idioms appear in every language, and English has thousands of them. They are often confusing because the meaning of the whole group of words taken together has little, often nothing, to do with the meanings of the words taken one by one. In order to understand a language, you must know what the idioms in that language mean - you have to know its 'hidden' meaning. This book will explain the meanings and origins behind more than 600 idioms that you might hear or read in English every day. English is a beautiful and rich language, but its many idioms are often tough nuts to crack. This Dictionary of Idioms should help make understanding these sayings as easy as pie.

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