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Seasalts Hidden Powers

By Jacques De Langre
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Book Details
  • Author: Jacques De Langre
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Brand: Happiness Pr
  • Published: 1987-12-01
  • Edition: Sixteenth Edition
"We never outgrow our craving - or our biological need - for salt." What compels us to consume the mineral treasure of the ocean? This book not only probes why sea salt relentlessly attracts us, it also shows us how this indispensable food, given half a chance, can maintain our mental & physical powers. From the very start, the author makes the pivotal distinction that separates true salt that supports our stamina & its modern debased, refined counterpart that endangers the human genus. Recent discoveries, confirmed by medical research & other biologists, point to the ravages caused by refining & the chemicals added to white table salt. Luckily, the book soon reveals sources of natural unrefined salts free of chemical additives. These exquisite & beneficial condiments make food more digestible, very definitely more tasty & even, in many cases, rebuild health. Natural salts are still harvested in a few secluded areas of the world, some under very modern purity standards. This ancient technology for harvesting true human quality salt is alive & well abroad. We still have untouched pristine coastlines. Doesn't it make sense to again produce our own? The right salt has always galvanized the spirit of men & women. "Salaries" maintained morale & courage in Caesar's Roman legions. At a time we seek the determination to regain our lead, this book shows the way.