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Teach Me!: Kids Will Learn When Oppression is the Lesson

By Murray Levin
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  • Author: Murray Levin
  • Publisher: Monthly Review Press
  • Edition: Illustrated
From his experience teaching about matters as diverse as God, the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, and television, came this book, a rich and literate account of "how black and Latino adolescents see the world. ... It is an account of their politics, their apoliticality, and their transcendent dreams." But Teach Me! is more than that: it is, as Levin puts it, "a record of new ways of teaching that dramatically changed the way of thinking of some troubled kids. This is a book that describes the evolution of a new and successful pedagogy that can be used in any schools where teachers are willing. Teach Me! is not just a description of ghetto life. It is a prescription for change in urban education.".