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The Beauty Cookbook: 200 Recipes to Make Your Kitchen Your Spa -- for Your Face, Your Body and Your Hair

By Cindy KymPearlman
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Book Details
  • Author: Cindy KymPearlman
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Publisher: Dunham Books
  • Published: 2010-02-01
  • Edition: 1
Looking good is in. Spending a lot of money on beauty treatments is out. Forget about $200 facial creams and break-the-bank treatments at your local spa. You can achieve the same results in your own home by just looking in your pantry, your fridge and your medicine cabinet. This is the first-ever recipe book where what you create will be used on your body instead of put on your plate. It features inexpensive recipes, beauty treatments and tips for head-to-toe beauty. Readers will be able to achieve results in their own home with natural, fresh, very affordable ingredients that are probably already in their kitchen. Kym and Cindy bring their unique, no-powder-puff-left-unturned knowledge of beauty, cutting-edge tips from experts, plus the humor and fun they are known for in their other books. They also offer natural beauty recipes from A-list celebrities that only confide their beauty secrets to them. Each chapter begins with a list of beauty ingredients and then explains the treatments, how to create them, how to use them and why they work.