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The Broken Ladder: How Inequality Changes the Way We Think, Live and Die

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Status, inequality and the psychology at play are analysed in this urgent drawing of attention to the psychological reality of feeling poor - an often overlooked aspect in the economic thinking on poverty. Through insights and examples, the effect of poverty on mental health is compassionately and urgently addressed. 'A persuasive and highly readable account of how rising inequality, and not just absolute poverty, is undermining our politics, social cohesion, long-term prosperity and general well-being' Barack ObamaInequality makes us feel poor and act poor, even when we're not. It affects our mood, decision-making and even our immune systems. Using groundbreaking research in psychology and neuroscience, Keith Payne explains how inequality shapes our world and influences our thinking, how we perform at work and respond to stress - and what we can do to combat its most insidious effects on our lives.'Eye-opening' Susan Cain, author of Quiet'Important, timely and beautifully written' Adam Atler, author of Irresistible